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CPI Sales, Inc.

- Hydro-Pulse Mixing System



Pulsed Hydraulics, Inc. provides water and wastewater plant operations with a totally unique “Hydro-Pulse” system that mixes without in-basin moving parts, is infinitely adjustable, yet simple to install, operate and maintain. The result is at least a 50% energy savings over traditional mixing technology.


Our patented process mixes the entire contents of the tank. The basic mixing process is non-shear and does not entrain oxygen into tank contents. There are no moving parts within the tank, which keeps a PHi system’s reliability high and maintenance costs low.

While relatively new to the water and wastewater treatment industry, Pulsed Hydraulics’ mixing technology is well accepted in the petroleum, chemical, food, wine and other industries. There are thousands of installations worldwide. This proven mixing solution, with a superior track record, has now found applications in the wastewater and water treatment industry.

  • No moving parts in basin or tank
  • Uses 50% less power
  • 100% online standby
  • Greatly reduces O&M costs
  • Variable speed and intensity mixing
  • Complete tank mixing
  • Scalable to any size basin or tank
  • Significantly less sediment buildup

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