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Phoenix Industries offers a wide variety of specially designed equipment to service the modified asphalt industry. The AR150M model blending unit shown below, has filled a gap in markets that was not previously served. It is a small, very economical blending unit that enables a company to enter into the asphalt rubber production business in an area or country where it is a new market. The AR150M produces 10 - 15 tons per hour of rubber modified binder, so it is sufficient to work with an asphalt plant at rates up to 150 tons per hour of finished hot mix. This unit is designed to fit in a standard 40’ sea container for ocean shipping or on a regular flatbed trailer so transportation costs are very low. Larger AR250 (25 TPH) & AR500 (50TPH) models are available where higher production is needed.

In addition to manufacturing equipment, our experienced team at Phoenix Industries offers a wide variety of related technical services to assist in new market development such as presentations, training seminars, material specifications and binder & mix design formulations.

Below are just a few of the countries where Phoenix Industries has supplied asphalt rubber equipment and training.

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