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- Model AS - Attrition Cell Scrubber



PHOENIX has served the aggregate industry for over twenty years with its systems for liquid/solid and solid/solid separation, classification, thickening, and dewatering. Adding to its range of separation technology, PHOENIX now offers the ATTRITION CELL Scrubber to de-agglomerate raw materials and remove surface contaminants from sand or other granular materials, featuring: Compact, robust construction. Minimal space requirements. High throughputs. Complete factory assembly for ease of installation and relocation. Over ten years of experience in the field.


The Model AS is designed in accordance with CSTR scientific principles of slurry mixing, where mixing intensity can be accurately calculated and cell scale-up (or scale-down) is simple. This allows for the selection of robust, high quality gearbox drives for the agitator configured with twin axial turbines (strong pumping action for keeping large particles in suspension) or axial plus radial turbines (stronger shearing action). The baffled cylindrical cell design minimizes slurry vortexing, back mixing and short circuiting. Cells may be ganged together in flexible layouts to provide the required pulp retention time. Optimal scrubbing efficiencies are attained when the slurry density is very high (typical 65-80% solids by weight).

  • Powerful, robust gearbox drives
  • No pulleys, v-belts or alignment concerns
  • Scientific 'CSTR' design
  • Lower installed power with superior scrubbing results


  • Baffled cylindrical cell design minimizes vortexes
  • Superior control of pulp retention time
  • Custom designed agitators
  • Optimization of slurry suspension vs. shear

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