Phosphate Acid


An intermediate product between phosphate rock and fertilizers, phosphoric acid is produced from original ore and sulfuric acid.
Purified phosphoric acid  is used in food and industrial applications.

Merchant Phosphoric Acid

Use: Fertilizer production and fertigation.

Physical characteristics

  • Density : 1,64 kg/l at 25°C
  • Solidity : 0,5 %
  • Appearance : Light green
  • Physical state : Liquid

Purified Phosphoric Acid


Used in the food industry (oil, beverages, cheese, canned food, yeast, sugar, water) and other industries (pharmacy, detergents, animal feed, metal treatment, textile, pigments...).


  • In Bluk (tank truck)
  • Barrels of 1 m3
  • Barrels of 25 L

Physical characteristics

  • Appearance : Colorless liquid, odorless, transparent, syrupy
  • Physical state : Liquid
  • Density : 1,686 kg/l at 25°C
  • Apha Index : 20 max

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