Active Walls

Active Walls

- Potassium-Silicate Based Photocatalytic Coating


Potassium-silicate based photocatalytic coating based outdoor potassium silicate. Colors on request. A PhotoSilicate activated surface uses the light energy to destroy the air pollutants.

PHOTO-SILICATE must be applied on mineral substrate, on lime or on old silicate coatings. Surfaces must be on clean, dry and sound, and also free from efflorescences. PHOTOSILICATE is applied by brush or roller on a surface previously primed with PHOTO-SILICATE PRIMER.

Do not use water to thin PHOTO-SILICATE . In case a dilution is needed for the first layer, add a maximum of 15 % of PHOTO-SILICATE PRIMER ready to use (RTU means a mix 1: 1 PHOTO-SILICATE PRIMER and water). See PHOTO-SILICATE PRIMER TDS

NOTE: Do not apply PHOTO-SILICATE in extreme weather conditions, where it will dry too fast, in windy conditions, under strong sun conditions nor at temperatures above 35ºC., as it can modify the curing process and modify the final result. In case of rain before its curing process is ended, the surface colour may be altered, and it must be corrected by cleaning and further re-coating.

Photocatalytic Waterborne Coating based on Potassium Silicate binder

  • Density: 1.6 Kg./l
  • No flammable. Waterborne
  • High permeability to water vapour
  • Based on Waterborne inorganic resins
  • Touch dry 25ºC: between 30 and 40 min
  • Yield: aprox. 6 m2/lt. in two coats
  • Colour: on demand. It accepts pigmentation only based on Inorganic (Oxide) Pigments
  • Application temperature range between 5ºC and 35ºC
  • Store in dry and warm areas

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