- Enzyme Immunoassay



Phytodetek enzyme immunoassay presents a convenient method for the quantitative determination of different plant growth hormones in a variety of plant tissue. Much like other quantitative methods such as HPLC and GC, the Phytodetek kits provide an analysis tool with the added benefit of multi sample analysis. The Phytodetek product line has been serving the scientific community for over 20 years and numerous publications and data have been generated with each of the five test systems.

Phytodetek kits contain reagents necessary to perform a competitive quantitative immunoassay: antibody-coated, 96 testwells, break-apart microtiter plate, tracer and diluent, wash buffer, PNP substrate and diluent, stop solution ant plate sealers. Materials and protocols for sample extraction are not included.

Phytodetekis available for the quantification of:

  • Abscisic Acid, ABA,
  • Dihydrozeatin Riboside, DHZR
  • Indole-3-acetic Acid, IAA
  • Isopentenyladenosine, IPA
  • trans-Zeatin Riboside, t-ZR

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