- Model SPE - Glyphosate and AMPA Sample Clean-up Cartridges



Pickering SPE sample clean-up cartridges are used to treat samples prior to injection. The strong cation-exchange resin is composed of sulfonic acid functional groups attached to a styrene divinylbenzene copolymer lattice. The high selectivity and ruggedness provides a simple and universal method for removing matrix interference from the sample. The SPE sample clean-up cartridges are ideal for the cleanup of vegetables, fruits and crop samples in the analysis of Glyphosate and AMPA.


Take 25 g of homogenous sample and add enough water (after estimation of moisture content) to make the total volume of water 125 mL. Blend and Centrifuge.

Matrix Specific Modification:

  • High water content – reduce sample amount to 12.5 g
  • High protein content – add 100 μL HCl to 20 mL of extract, shake and centrifuge.
  • High Fat content – perform the methylene chloride partition twice.
  • Clean-up
  • Methylene Chloride Partition:
  • To 20 mL of aqueous extract add 15 mL methylene chloride. Shake for 2-3 min and centrifuge.
  • To 4.5 mL of aqueous layer add 0.5 mL acidic modifier solution. Shake and centrifuge.

SPE Clean-up:

  • Prepare SPE cartridge (refer to product abstract PA210)
  • Transfer 1 mL portions of SPE mobile phase (refer to method abstract MA206 for formulation) and discard the effluent.
  • Elute analytes with 12 mL SPE mobile phase


  • Evaporate to dryness using rotary evaporator or a vacuum vortex-type evaporator or lyophilize
  • Re-dissolve in 2 mL of the SPE mobile phase

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