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- Model SPE - Automation With Multiple Process Options



The SPE Module includes an additional robot arm for handling SPE cartridges with an airtight holder seal for positive pressure operations. The two robot arm system is capable of “Hold and Inject” of the SPE cartridge. Software will program the SPE functions of conditioning, loading, washing, drying, eluting. Column drying is capable with Nitrogen or air.

The FREESTYLE SPE instrument combines ease of programming with multiple process options including conditioning, loading, washing, drying, and eluting. With each step comes the ability to optimize for best results.

Addition of the FREESTYLE GPC module enables GPC to SPE processing.

Automated Solid Phase Extraction


The new generation of LCTech Systems allows for unique flexibility – all due to new mechanics and software.

The sample preparation systems are designed for the fully automated handling of foods and feeds, environmental samples, and other comparable tasks around the clock.

The FREESTYLE™ SPE automates all processes of solid phase extraction (SPE) – if desired in combination with evaporation and solvent exchange.

The FREESTYLE™ SPE handles any SPE or immunoaffinity column from virtually any manufacturer.

The columns can be placed into the system with or without caps.

[Freestyle SPE]

Module for EVAporation, with online connection to SPE

The FREESTYLE™ SPE can be easily supplemented with an EVA module to include the automated function of evaporation or concentration features. Your sample can be cleaned up using the SPE module, then concentrated down to any value between 0.5 mL and 5 mL (in increments of 0.1 mL).

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