Model PicoLAB Series - Laser Micro-machining Workstation



The PicoLAB series laser micro-machining workstation is a perfect tool for diverse material processing applications at the micrometer scale. Precision of laser micro-machining is achieved by ultra-short laser pulses, high precision positioning stages and state of the art optical systems. Flexible control of laser parameters, up to three wavelengths available and micro-machining techniques developed in our application laboratory ensure excellent PicoLAB's performance in the field of scientific research and industrial process development. PicoLAB series workstations come in two basic configurations: Class 1 enclosed workstations and open-framed units with continuous system upgrade available.

PicoLAB workstations from ELAS, Ltd incorporate only top quality components made by well-known manufacturers. PicoLAB is equipped with new generation DPSS Nd:YVO4 picosecond laser, precision X-Y positioning stages and a wide choice of additional functionalities requested by customer. Combination of several wavelengths, modern micro-vision system, synchronous control of positioning stages and galvo-scanner are functions developed for nearly unlimited possibilities in terms of materials and processes.

Hardware features:

  • Class 1 laser safety body
  • Safety interlock
  • Laser safe observation window
  • Vacuum chuck for sample holding
  • Dedicated control computer for laser and system control
  • Workstation control unit
  • High resolution Machine Vision system with sample recognition

Optional features:

  • Dual axis galvo-scanner for high speed beam process
  • Up to 5 axis positioning system
  • Harmonics generator for 2nd and 3rd harmonics
  • Rotary and tilt stages
  • Dust extraction system

Positioning stages specifications

Max. travel is 600 (mm) on x axis and 400 (mm) on y axis. Traveling speed is up to 200 (mm/s) on both axis. Accuracy of the system is down to ± 4.5 (µm) and repeatability is ± 0.5 (µm). Resolution is 0.1 (µm).

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