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Pigeon Spike Composite is our affordable combination stainless steel wires and flexible UV stabilized plastic base, full row bird control spike that deters pigeons and seagulls. It can be installed quickly on all types of surfaces. One row of Pigeon Spike Composite can cover up to 7' of surface.

The lowest cost bird spikes available. Designed for pigeons and seagulls, our new Pigeon Spikes can be installed quickly on all types of surfaces. Not recommended for other birds or heavy infestations of any bird. Three models are available; Pigeon Spike Composite and Pigeon Spike Plastic and Pigeon SpikeNarrow.

An affordable composite of stainless steel wires with a flexible, UVstabilized polycarbonate base.

  • Stainless wires, polycarbonate base.
  • For pigeons and seagulls only – not for small birds or heavy bird infestations.
  • 20 flat-tipped wire points per foot.
  • 6” wide, 5” high, 13” long strips.
  • Mounting hardware or adhesive available separately

Mounting Hardware for Pigeon Spike Plastic Narrow is not included and must be purchased separately from the accessory list below or the Mounting Hardware page. (1 cartridge of adhesive will cover up to 20' or use 2 screws for every strip.)

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