Pigging Products (PPP)


Pigging Products (PPP) manufactures and stocks a wide variety of conventional pigs and pigging related equipment. Our factory service teams use the same equipment that we sell to our customers, so you can be assured of a reliable quality product that is right for the job. High quality, quick delivery and a competitive price makes PPP your one stop supplier for all your pigging needs.

Here is a list of the most popular items available from Pipeline Pigging Products:

  • Steel Shaft Cup & Disc Pigs
  • Flexible Shaft (All Urethane) Cup and Disc Pigs
  • 1 Piece Urethane and Neoprene Cup and Disc Pigs
  • Replacement Cups & Discs
  • Spheres: Foam, Solid, or Inflatable Urethane or Neoprene
  • Pig Trackers (Also for Rent)
  • Pig Signals: Magnetic or Trigger Type
  • Pig Launchers and Receivers (Some Sizes for Rent)
  • Hinged Closures
  • Pipe Stoppers: Inflatable Mechanical, High Pressure, Vapor bags

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