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Pilot Plants and Laboratories for Biological Wastewater Treatment System



The wastewater needs of DAS Environmental Expert customers are as individual as the products they produce. Our pre-mounted pilot plants for biological wastewater treatment will offer an optimum solution for your wastewater problem.

Experience with Wastewater
The engineers and technicians of DAS Environmental Expert are well experienced in the treatment of a wide variety of wastewater. Through our experience we know that in many cases the configuration of the future process plant can already be optimised through a standardised preliminary examination prior to installation. This will save you the cost for investment as well as for future operation. You can be assured of the quality of our service before placing your order.

  • Easy transportation and fast installation
  • Very small footprint
  • Optimum dimensions for a large-scale plant
  • Optimisation prior to investment
  • Proof of performance capacity prior to investing in large scale plant

  • Pre-dimensioning
  • Performance record
  • Presentation of technology
  • Calculation of future operating costs
  • Analyses of poorly degradable wastewater
  • Expansion of pre-existing plants


Our in-house laboratory for wastewater treatment is the basis for effective treatment of each of the DAS Environmental Expert customers’ specific wastewater. In the laboratory we analyse your accrued wastewater concerning composition and biodegradability. Based on this analyses we develop your custom-tailored process to effectively treat your wastewater – from the right process to suitable chemicals.

The DAS Environmental Expert laboratory will also assist you with upgrading pre-existing wastewater treatment plants. We will test their efficiency and will add appropriate solutions to help you achieve optimum results.

Your Advantages

  • Sound data to select optimum process
  • Direct link between in-house analyses and our own engineers
  • Recognition of potential for optimisation
  • Saving cost through process optimisation
  • Customer service during project realisation and future support for on-going operations

Laboratory Services

  • Problem analysis
  • Process selection
  • Feasibility study
  • Process optimisation
  • Support for on-going operations

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