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Pilot Unit



Harn R/O Systems can provide reverse osmosis or membrane softening pilot units to meet any requirements. From 1,000 gallons per day (GPD) production capacity to over 20,000 GPD, pilot units can be provided to test single elements or full scale system design utilizing full length vessels in two or three stage configurations.

Pilot studies are invaluable to establish and optimize design parameters such as feed pressure, recovery, flux, chemical dosages, and recommended cleaning frequencies. Pilot studies may also be necessary to fulfill regulatory requirements such as the EPA Information Collection Rule.
Pilot unit installation and start-up services are available. Technical assistance and data evaluation will be provided during the study. Harn R/O staff has many years of experience in pilot studies, design and manufacturing of reverse osmosis and membrane softening treatment systems. Our technical staff will be personally involved during the study, enabling the customer to utilize the resources of our experience for the benefit of the project.

  • Maximum testing and monitoring flexibility provided through comprehensive instrumentation and sample ports

  • built on durable fiberglass or steel epoxy-painted frames, on wheels

  • chemical systems and cartridge filter pretreatment included

  • pretreated chemical injection facilities included


INTEGRATED MEMBRANE SYSTEMS: Micro and Ultrafiltration Technology

Harn R/O Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce the first non-proprietary microfiltration/ultrafiltration systems. This is an important step in achieving our goal of becoming the premier integrated membrane system manufacturer in the country. For nearly thirty years Harn R/O Systems has been an industry leader in providing state-of-the-art, high quality reverse osmosis and membrane softening systems.
Now we also offer micro or ultrafiltration systems for single source responsibility in integrated membrane systems. Currently, micro and ultrafiltration processes are generally proprietary systems. This means the Owner is committed to one technology for the life of the plant. Non-proprietary systems will offer the Owner the benefit of competitive purchasing. Our system also provides the flexibility to change modules if raw water quality or finished water goals change.

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