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High delivery performance and maximum reliability with optimum protection of the crop - this are the pipe conveyor belts from Bintec. They combine the advantages of band and screw: Smooth and gentle conveying in a closed conveying pipe with a large enclosure angle to the material being conveyed.


The patented drive 'S-Drive', the tape is gently and reliably for up to 4 m / s driven. The great acceptance opening leads the grain safely into the production tubing, in which the tape surrounds the stream of material in part. Gentle and fast pumping with an electric drive and power ratings up to 300 t / h are therefore possible.

Operational reliability.

Pipe conveyor belts of Bintec stand for proven technology and excellent workmanship. Laser cut and powder coated components form the basis for this. The wear-out band and a few deflection rollers pay off in daily use.


The rugged chassis provides maximum flexibility for the use of the pipe conveyor into new or already existing storage systems. Reacting to the tractor is quick and easy. In addition, smaller pipe conveyor belts can be used as modular feeder bands.

User friendliness.

Pipe conveyor belts are easy to use. The conveyor belt is easily accessible outside the pipe, the bias voltage is simple and convenient. Maintenance and service work can be carried out quickly and efficiently by removable safety covers.


The sophisticated design guarantees that always complete the tape idles. Hygiene and purity are guaranteed.

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