- Pipe Leveling System



The patent pending Pipe Mule system from HammerHead makes on-grade pipe ramming a cinch.Align and set your grade up to a pitch of 7° per 20 foot section, using the Pipe Mule system and you’re ready to ram. With a combined lifting capacity of 240 tons, grade and directional adjustments can even be made on the fly on casings up to 84” (2.13 m) diameter.

Pit preparation used to be a tedious, time consuming and laborious part of pipe ramming, but not any longer! Now save time and money by virtually eliminating launch pit grading preparation as the Pipe Mule system can do it for you!

The saddle swivels keep the pipe centered during horizontal adjustments. Integrated into the saddle swivels is a friction reducing set of plates designed to reduce overall drag.

Lining up pipe segments for welding can be challenging and time consuming. From one control station, all three of the Pipe Mules are operated to adjust the casing vertically and horizontally making lining up pipe segments a snap.

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