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- Model 360 - V-Force Baffle Grit Chamber



The PISTA 360 Grit Chamber is equipped with the patented V-FORCE BAFFLE, which is an integral flow control baffle for both the inlet and outlet of the main chamber. The V-FORCE BAFFLE is designed to direct the inlet flow into the chamber in a manner ensuring the proper vortex flow and to prevents short-circuiting, allowing for a full 360° rotation through the inlet and outlet, providing maximum travel for the most effective grit removal.

The V-FORCE BAFFLE on the outlet directs the flow out of the unit and acts as a “slice weir” to control the water level in the main chamber and in the inlet channel. No additional downstream flow control device is required to keep the velocity between 3.5 fps (1.1 mps) at peak flow and 1.6 fps (.5 mps) at minimum flow with a 10:1 turn down.

This most recent innovation further enhances the world’s best grit removal scheme, providing many engineering and cost saving considerations. By increasing chamber velocity during low flow periods, the baffle extends the grit extraction path within the vortexing grit chamber. This is key because a longer grit path within in the flow pattern increases the effectiveness of grit being captured on the chamber’s flat-floor.

Beyond this, the PISTA 360 with V-FORCE BAFFLE also permits design flexibility so that water elevations can be controlled. Water level control is important because it upholds the proper velocities approaching the grit chamber. Previously, the most common way to accomplish water level control was to back up the flow with a downstream, submerged weir.

The PISTA 360 with V-FORCE BAFFLE with its preset inlet and outlet openings supplants the need for the submerged weir. By integrating the water elevation settings with the baffle, the overall outlet footprint requirements decrease as much as half the typical distance. The resulting smaller footprint provides significant construction cost savings.

  • Unit Capacities: 0.5 mgd – 100 mgd (1,892 cmd – 378,500 cmd)
  • Arrangements: 360° with V-FORCE BAFFLE
  • Chamber Construction: Concrete or steel
  • Removal Efficiency: 95% grit removal efficiency down to 140 mesh particle size (105 microns)
  • Pump Sizes: 4” (≈ 10 cm) & 6” (≈ 15 cm)
  • Pump Arrangements: Top-Mounted & Remote-Mounted

  • 95% grit removal efficiency down to 140 mesh particle size (105 microns)
  • Construction cost savings due to decreased overall grit system footprint requirements
  • Increases grit chamber velocity during low-flow periods
  • Full 360° rotation in the chamber, lengthening grit extraction path
  • Eliminates the need for downstream level control devices
  • Designed to handle wide range of flows

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