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Plant Using Active Sludge for Organic Waste



Functioning: The plant allows for the treatment of liquid wastes from inhabitation in keeping with the regulation in force, Tab. 3 AlI. V Law 152/06. The drain waters coming from the sewers are sent into an accumulation tub. There a pumping station with level regulators manages the feeding of the biological plant. The pumps pump a quantity that is suitable for the potential of the plant. The quantity of waste is controlled by a regulator and then directed to the biological treatment that uses active sludge.

The plant using active sludge is an extensive airing type, that is characterized by a low production of surplus sludge and by the advanced age of the sludge itself, as well as by the high depuration results. Furthermore, this type of plant permits for the complete nitrification of the nitrogens present in the waste, allowing for the release of water with a concentration of nitrogen ammonia lower than that prescribed by the laws in force.

The purification of the water occurs in a tank of oxidation-nitrification where active sludges are present, and in which air is provided to maintain the aerobic conditions.

A sedimentation tank then allows the separation by gravity of the purified water and the micro-organisms that are re-circulated at the beginning of the treatment.

The surplus sludge produced is periodically distanced from the system when the concentration in the oxidation tank exceeds the established values. This sets up the sending of the surplus sludges to the collection tank where they can be broken down in accordance with the regulations in force. At the same time the surplus waters are sent to the start of the plant where the can be re-treated.

Installed Devices

  • Submerged electric pumps raising back flow;
  • Level regulators;
  • Sending tubes to the plant, one-way valves, sluices with special pieces;
  • Divider and regulator of flow in AIS1304;
  • Centrifugal compressor for the oxidation of the waste;
  • Collector air distribution network complete with tubing, valves, and special pieces;
  • Microporous oxidizers, fine-grained;
  • Pneumatic pump for the re-circulation of sludges;
  • Structural set in carbon steel, including deflectors and devices for conveyance of the ventilated mixture;
  • Channel for the skimming of the purified waters from the sedimentator, with a grease-blocking blade;
  • Channel for collection of supernatants;
  • Tubes for discharging Sludge;

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