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Tessilbrenta's Planteco is a complete range of high quality nonwovens geotextiles for professional gardeners: from keeping weeds and root under control without the use of chemical additives, from solutions for protecting plants to solutions for trafficked areas and dewatering trenches.

Planteco features:

Rainwater reaches roots without any obstacles.

It lets the soil breathe.

Its needled felt structure prevents roots from penetrating and resist to mechanical stress very well.

Planteco is made of high tenacity fibres (100% polypropylene). It has a unique porous structure which allows water and nutritious liquid substances pass through the ground and reach roots.

It is chemically inert, does not decompose with any kind of soil (acid or alkaline).


  • Mulch
  • Car parks and patios
  • Dewatering trenches


  • Weed control
  • Soil stabilization
  • Filter

Nonwovens geosynthetics Planteco for weed control
Planteco effectively fights against the growth of weeds without using chemical products. It is ideal to use under materials such as gravel, mulch and peat.

Nonwovens geotextiles Planteco for car parks and patios
Soil stabilization
Planteco is a geo-textile, strong and flexible made of polypropylene and it is used to stabilize aggregates, sand, gravel and all types of soil to obtain a stable surface for car parks, driveways, patios and sports areas. In few words, where stresses are very high.

Nonwovens geotextiles Planteco for deawatering trenches
Filtering system
Planteco lets water goes through easily, but also allows a successfully filtration of fine particles of soil and subsequently prevent clogging of drain pipes.

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