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Plasma Waste Disposal System


Total destruction of waste chemicals and gases at lower cost: a system of disposal that breaks new ground technologically, environmentally and financially. Industrial pollution and odour control specialists Simdean Envirotec have been made exclusive UK agents for a pioneering new plasma-based system for treating hazardous waste. Developed in Israel by environmental specialists EST, the system completely destroys hazardous waste whilst reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and cutting costs.

The patented plasma technology utilises high temperatures (2000°C – 4500°C) to instantaneously destroy a wide range of wastes, leaving only the constituent atoms. These are then transformed into a non-hazardous ionised gas for emission to the atmosphere and in some cases usable by-products. The system is equally effective in treating wastes in the form of liquids, slurry or contaminated gases including halogenated waste and halogen acids.

The plasma installation is capable of integrating into the client’s production line, eliminating the need to transport or store waste products, which is expensive, complicated and damaging to the environment. The process, which can easily be modified and calibrated to suit most production lines, is safe, user-friendly and simple to operate. Emissions from the system at the end of the process are well within all international standards and regulations.

The process has been developed principally for the pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, gas and chemical plant industries. Combining exceptional process efficiency with environmental benefits, lower capital costs, lower operating costs and lower maintenance costs, it delivers significant advantages over all other known treatment systems.

The plasma system is designed for treating a variety of wastes in the form of gases or liquids including the following waste streams:

  • Hazardous organic
  • Toxic
  • Medical biochemical
  • Halogenated
  • Gaseous
  • Liquid & Suspension
  • Industrial & Laboratory solvents
  • PCB’s
  • And more…

  • Can be placed at a hazardous site on demand
  • Constructed in a standard 20-foot container frame
  • Ideal for customers needing a solution for a limited period of time
  • Can be rented or leased on a monthly basis

A process with the potential to transform the waste elimination industry through safe, clean technology and zero discharge principles.

Increasing awareness of the environmental damage caused by industrial processes and tougher environmental legislation have forced companies to take much more responsibility for managing the risks that accompany the use of all types of chemicals. The safe elimination of hazardous liquid and gaseous waste is one of the top issues on today’s environmental agenda.

The problems associated with traditional methods of treatment – landfill and incineration – are too well known to warrant repeating here in detail (soil and atmospheric pollution, a negative impact on the quality of underground water sources). To date, reliance on these highly unsatisfactory processes could not be avoided – but now an alternative technology exists that can be quickly incorporated into existing production lines to deliver immediate benefits not only to the environment but also to the bottom line.

With our plasma system, it’s not just hazardous chemical waste that’s eliminated – it’s also all of the environmental problems that accompany landfill and incineration.

The plasma system

  • Plasma reactor: decomposition of the waste by the plasma stream
  • Cooling system: rapid cooling (Quench system) of the output gaseous mixture. This prevents the formation of undesirable by-products such as dioxins and NOx
  • Main scrubbing system: additional cooling of the gaseous mixture from 450°C to 80°C and main absorption of the halogen acids by process water
  • Ecological scrubbing system: additional cleaning of the exit gas so that any emissions to the atmosphere are non-hazardous and meet environmental regulations

The plasma process

  • The waste stream is treated by the plasma stream generated in the reactor. The high temperature in the plasma field can be adjusted depending on the type of chemical waste
  • The extreme temperature instantaneously disintegrates the waste molecules, leaving only the constituent atoms. High temperature plasma is generated by initiating a powerful electrical discharge into air or other gas, such as nitrogen, argon and steam
  • The hot gas mixture undergoes a rapid cooling phase in order to prevent formation of non-desirable compounds such as dioxins, furans and NOx
  • Output products include water, CO2 and halogen acids (in the case of halogenated waste treatment). These products are fed into a scrubbing system, where they undergo absorption of the halogen acids and additional cooling
  • The gas stream is recovered by the ecological scrubbing system. The exit gas is clean so that any emissions to the atmosphere are non-hazardous and meet all environmental regulations

The plasma system is designed for the treatment of:

  • Hazardous organic waste
  • Toxic waste
  • Medical biochemical waste
  • Halogenated waste
  • Gaseous waste
  • Liquid and suspension waste
  • Industrial and laboratory solvent waste
  • PCBs

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