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With a clear emphasis on wide applicability, effectiveness PlasmaQuant PQ 9000 is designed for users with high demands in matrix tolerance, analytical power and fast readiness for operation. The latest plasma and torch technology from Analytik Jena guarantees high productivity and method robustness for agricultural, environmental und food samples. Even samples with high matrix loads such as soils, petrochemicals, electroplating or saline wastewaters are analyzed interference-and deposit-free thanks to the V Shuttle Torch. Its Dual View PLUS provides the synchronous analysis of trace elements and major constituents without lengthy sample preparation or compromises in analytical performance (DL / RSD).

  • Troublefree analysis and simple handling of high matrix samples using the V Shuttle Torch
  • Fast readiness for measurement and high method flexibility thanks to the High-Frequency Generator
  • Synchronous determination of trace elements and major constituents with Dual View PLUS


Getting started on your samples is as easy as it gets! Thanks to the clearly laid-out, multilingual user interface methods are quickly generated. Just ‘pick-and-click’ your elements, your matrix and your favorite lines, while pre-set method templates will load automatically. Easy to operate and modify method templates allow starting in no time.

Interactive software applets offering comprehensive information and assistance for operators of any skill and training help you getting accurate results at the first try. Online status updates on smart phones, tablets etc. increase the productivity of unattended operations.

ASpect PQYour Benefits

  • Clearly laid out multilingual user interface for the demands of modern (HR) ICP-OES routines
  • Powerful optimization, evaluation and reprocessing tools
  • LIMS-connectivity, 21 CFR Part11 compliance and FDA module with user management
  • Advanced analytical tools for baseline fitting (ABC), interference removal (CSI) etc.

ABC — Automatic Baseline Correction

The unprecedented baseline fitting of the ABC algorithm automatically fits a global baseline to the entire spectral background improving precision, method robustness and ease of use of your routines substantially. Operator approximations and guess work become a relic of the past. Today, baseline fitting is as easy as ABC!

CSI Software ToolCorrection of Spectral Interferences

A convenient tool for the analysis of materials producing a wealth of emission lines and complex interferences, the CSI-software tool allows for the correction of spectral interferences even in the most challenging matrices. Utilizing a sophisticated least-square algorithm CSI is the most powerful correction tool on the market that increases detection limits, method robustness and productivity of your analytics.

Self Check System

Online checking of all instrument parameters in real time (incl. nebulizer blockage and plasma stability to protect glassware), automatic alerts, emergency shutdowns and online help facilities ensure safe operation, low maintenance and costs.


An autosampler allows the effective routine analysis.

Hydride systems

HS PQ Hydride system for ICP-OES and ICP-MS with continuous addition of reducing agent for the determination of hydride-forming elements and classic elements at the same time

HS PQ Pro Hydride system for ICP-OES and ICP-MS with continuous addition of reducing agent for the dedicated determination of hydride-forming elements at superior detection limits.

PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 provides quality results in contract analysis, reliability in quality control and highest standards in regulated industries!

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