Plastic Anti-Bird Netting



Boddingtons' plastic anti-bird netting is a lightweight but strong netting that will give protection to soft fruit and vegetables from bird attacks and from browsing animals. Anti bird netting can be used for fruit cages, the protection of crops from birds (inc. pigeons), rabbits, squirrels and other similar pests. Our plastic anti-bird protection netting is manufactured from UV stabilized BOP Polypropylene plastic netting. Bird netting is supplied in 6.6' and 13.1' widths folded into easy to handle packs or rolls.

The plastic bird netting is lightweight, easy to handle and is simple to install over fruit cages, directly over fruit trees and onto vegetable or fruit growing areas.

  • Anti-bird netting protects against birds attacking and causing damage to fruit and vegetables
  • The netting apertures allow smaller essential pollinating insects through and smaller butterflies
  • Supplied in 6.6ft and 13.1ft width in various length rolls
  • Plastic mesh hole size is 0.4'x 0.47' square 

Boddingtons' anti-bird nets have a rectangular structure which creates a strong plastic mesh structure, making it easier to install and longer lasting than diamond mesh structured plastic bird netting.

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