Plastic Conveyor Screens



Plastic Conveyor screens can be mounted on open channels and carry out fine screening down to 1 mm screening size. This type of screens can be safely utilised in domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants, process water and cooling water preparation plants, water treatment plants, and the treatment of all kinds of wastewater originating from leather, food processing, pulp and paper industries.

In general, Plastic Conveyor screens consist of frame, plastic screening elements and scrubbing brush. Like all other Sismat screen types, Plastic Conveyor screens are equipped with a torque limiter that locks the system and gives a failure warning under over torque.

There is no water consumption, as the conveyor screen does not require any water spraying systems required in other fine screen types. The screening elements manufactured with plastic injection method are placed on stainless steel shafts placed horizontally in parallel to each other at required intervals, thus creating a chain that acts as screen in its entirety and is practically impossible to be clogged. The screen components perform a real conveyor motion through a special wheeled chain on the railing system arranged in accordance with channel depth, and deliver the collected screenings to discharge level without the need for any auxiliary equipment.

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