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Plastic Tanks Chemical Storage



Plastic tanks chemical storage features a variety of different open-top flat-bottom tanks designed to give you a stable structure that will last you a long time. When handling rougher materials such as caustics, the open top can make it easy to pour chemicals into the tank without fear of them dripping and polluting surrounding areas.

Depending on the size of your tank, where you will be storing it, and what materials it will be holding, some conditions may require a tank that can handle rougher conditions. For these types of instances, the FRP encased tanks chemical storage or tanks made of polypropylene offer the resilience you require.

These cylindrical tanks have been often used to hold caustics or acids in various power facilities or to store chemical fluids for use in the car washing industry. If you're looking for a open-top flat bottom tank that is designed for less demanding conditions, a light weight version is also available.


  • Flat Bottom
  • Open Top
  • Thicker and Heavier Walls
  • Resin Complies with U.S. FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 (c) 3.1 and 3.2,


  • Withstands Rugged Use
  • Can Handle Rougher Materials
  • Open Top Easy for Mixing
  • Will Support Itself
  • See-Through Exterior for Viewing the Content Level
  • Also Formed for Safe Storage of Foods

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