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Hydrochem Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Plate Wash Water Recycle Systems


After charging is complete in the Plate Formation area, the battery plates are washed with De-mineralised water, to make them free of sulphuric acid. The waste water produced in the above process contains impurities like sulphuric acid and soluble and insoluble lead materials. Generally, this wash water is led to the underground drain, for taking the same to the effluent treatment plant, where it is neutralised using alkali or lime slurry. HYDROCHEM have developed “Plate Wash Water Recycle Systems” for battery industries. In this system, the acidic wash water is collected from the plate wash area, without getting contaminated and taken to the recycle system. In the recycle system, the wash water is treated to remove impurities like sulphuric acid and lead, to produce De-mineralised water, which can be used back in the plate washing process.

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