Premium Lighting Solutions

Premium Lighting Solutions

- Model T5 - LED Tubes


The energy-efficient tubes from PLS have a life-span of 50,000 hours, significantly reducing the time spent on replacing defective lamps in areas such as offices, factories and supermarkets. In addition, PLS tubes produce minimum heat, thus reducing load on air conditioning. Energy savings of up to 80%, when compared with conventional fittings.

  • PLS tubes are very reliable. They are made from SMD chip LED, with low light decrease and good heat dissipation. The specially designed loop circuit prevents the failure of the whole tube in case of a single LED failure.
  • PLS tubes can be directly dropped into existing T5 sockets. For fittings with chokes, simply remove the starter. For fittings with energy-saving electronic ballasts, simply bypass the ballast.
  • PLS tubes use SMD LED of high efficacy (typically 90 Im/W). They are well suited for use in offices, galleries, shop windows, hotels and are very effective in low temperature areas.

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