APIX Analytics

APIX Analytics

Plug & Play Analytical Module


The whole analytical chain of a conventional Gas Chromatography system (injection, separation & detection) is embedded within a very small module designed for easy and plug & play use. Each module is tailored for dedicated families of gases through specific separation columns. At the core of all APIX products, these modules can also be multiplexed within a single system for wide application ranges. Very simple to connect and remove, these modules can be changed or recycled upon request and needs. This module will change the Gas Chromatography use model, enabling ultra-compact and evolving instruments, with lower Total Cost of Ownership due to easier maintenance and low carrier gas consumption.

Relevant features

  • Easier use and maintenance
  • Modular
  • Quick analysis with multiplexed modules
  • Available cartridges for :
  • Permanent gases, light hydrocarbons, H2S
  • VOCs, hydrocarbons
  • Fuel gas

Application Note

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