- Model PPTP Series - Professional Pipe Test Plugs



Model designation is Professional Pipe Test Plug (PPTP). Professional Pipe Test Plugs are custom product that allowing to discharge the compressed air inside the pipe line while filling the system by water. Professional Pipe Test Plug includes two bypass line in order to use water fiiling and air discharging.

That plugs are made from SBR+NR mixed rubber, nylon cord, Kevlar cord and strong fabrics.

These plugs are available  in many different sizes ranging from 70 mm to 1200 mm
These plugs are available in many different pressure ranging 0,3 to 1,0 bar.

Enable stodrain the entrained air during the test of pipe line having the elevation difference.

Inflatable rubber pipe plugs are used during maintenance or new production of pipe systems. They are used for pipe sealing and sewer sealing, as well as concrete water pipe testing, pipeline joint testing, leak pressure testing, and general pipe maintenance. Two of the challenges in pneumatic pipe plug design are to increase the working pressure and to design a rubber pipe plug that can be applied in a wide range of pipe diameters.

Using of professional pipe test plug is the same as pipe test plug. Just difference is that it is custom products that include two by pass connection; one of them for filling the water into test volume and another one for discharging trapped or compressed air. 

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