- Model SPP - Steam Process Plug - Steam Pipe Plug



SPP Steam process plug uses for rehabilitation works of CIPP contractors. They have big size Stainless Steel bypass diameter and made of BR+NR mixed rubber reinforced with Kevlar cords.

Steam Process Plugs have Stainless Steel body construction. This makes the products durable and CIPP contractors can easily handle them in the manhole.

PlugCo Steam Process Plugs are field tested and approved by CIPP contractors.

The rubber part is reinforced by Kevlar cords to operate heavy site conditions.

PlugCo provides multiple size and single size Seam Plugs to cover the market needs

Material: Our plugs are made from SBR+NR mixed rubber, Kevlar cord & strong fabrics and with Stainless Steel construction.

Application: CIPP Lining, Cured in Place Pipe, Sewer Rehabilitation, Trenchless No Dig Solutions.

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