• In Situ remediation technology that rapidly reduces dissolved-phase plumes in days/weeks
  • Distributes widely under low injection pressures
  • Colloidal biomatrix completely biodegrades contaminants in-place
  • Achieves stringent groundwater clean-up standards
  • Stops contaminant migration and protects sensitive receptors
  • Provides a long-term means of addressing matrix back–diffusion
  • Eliminates excessive time and end-point uncertainty associated with groundwater remediation

How it Works

PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon is an innovative groundwater remediation technology designed to address the challenges of excessive time and end-point uncertainty in the in situ remediation of groundwater contaminants. PlumeStop is composed of very fine particles of activated carbon (1-2µm) suspended in water through the use of unique organic polymer dispersion chemistry. Once in the subsurface, the material behaves as a colloidal biomatrix binding to the aquifer matrix, rapidly removing contaminants from groundwater, and expediting permanent contaminant biodegradation.

This unique remediation technology accomplishes treatment with the use of highly dispersible, fast-acting, sorption-based technology which captures and concentrates dissolved-phase contaminants within its matrix-like structure. Once contaminants are sorbed onto the regenerative matrix, biodegradation processes achieve complete remediation at an accelerated rate.

Typical Groundwater Applications

  • Liquid-based direct-push injection through hollow rods
  • Liquid-based direct-placement into boreholes
  • Liquid-based injections in conjunction with Oxygen Release Compound (ORC) to support enhanced aerobic biodegradation
  • Liquid-based injections in conjunction with Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC) to support enhanced anaerobic biodegradation

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