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'PLUVIO' is a dripping system manufactured with a thin, flexible pipe, with fast water jets dripping devices inside, put at prearranged distances (from cm 15, 20 up to cm 150). It is made of polyethylene of very good quality, which guarantees maximum long-term dependability and the best performance as regards mechanical and tensile strength.

The dripping device, ATP patented, is inserted during extrusion in order to make it tie up very well to the inside of the pipe. Its internal air spaces slow water pressure down and are designed to be large in order to avoid occlusions and deposit. Moreover, this structure reduces water losses and make it possible to install long-distance systems with regular capacity. The'PLUVIO' Dripping Hoseis a reliable and convenient solution for drip irrigation systems applied to any kind of cultivation, intensive irrigation of open fields as well as horticultural and arboreal cultivation, flower growing and gardening. The 'Pluvio' dripping hose and its dripping device allow to programme the quantity of water necessary and reduce labour costs, with a subsequent rise in quantity and quality of harvests.

Available Versions

The 'PLUVIO' Dripping Hose is available of mm 16 and mm 22 diameters and of different thicknesses: mm 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18. Spacings between dripping devices are available of cm 10 up to cm 150. Such a wide range of thicknesses and spacings has been designed to satisfy different demands of irrigation, for oneseason as well as long-term irrigation systems.


  • Water supply is graduated for each hole, which determines a rise in quality and quantity of water calculated according to plants' needs.
  • Reduction in the use of fertilizers whose percentage can be calculated according to the capacity of the dripping device and to the length of the dripping pipe.
  • Reduction in labour, because these systems are mechanically installed.
  • PLUVIO hose usage reduces maintenance charges because of lack of connections.


A water filtering system is essential to the right functioning of a drip irrigation system. The kind of filtering system depends on the characteristics of water and it can be composed of cyclone filters, in quartzite of fine granulometry, disk filters, net filters etc.
In any case, the filtering suggested is of150 mesh (100 micron).

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