Model PMM - Multi-Material Baling Presses



The PMM balers can be used to compact almost all compressible waste materials into high density bales. The two-ram baler PMM is a must-have tool for use in the recovery of secondary raw materials. In response to increasing material diversification to process and in order to develop new solutions for the waste-to energy processing, Copex, a solid waste recycling equipment designer and manufacturer for over 60 years, has invented a new compaction solution.

High productivity

The two-stage design of the new PMM baler enables to separate the compacting process from the bale tying/ejection process. Combined with powerful hydraulics, the simultaneous operation of these two functions generates very high productivity gains of up to 50%.

Boasting an availability rate of 95%, the PMM is one of the most efficient and reliable machines on the market


The PMM can be used for recycling applications in the manufacturing process, in the refuse derived fuel lines, waste-to-energy processing, MBT processing, in recycling plants, in waste sorting plants, selective waste collection, recovery of commercial and industrial waste (ICW), and in waste-to-energy plants. 

A wider range of compressible materials can be processed:

  • Household waste refuse (MSW),
  • Waste refuse from biomass processing lines,
  • Industrial and commercial waste (C & I),
  • Aluminium industrial offcuts,
  • Refuse derived fuel (RDF),
  • Paper and cardboard,
  • Fibers produced by agriculture
  • Plastics,
  • Bulky,
  • Light scrap (steel cans, bicycles…),
  • Waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE)…

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