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Model PMS type - Open Circuit Cooling Towers



Main casing, basin (optional) and top-plate (PMS, PMD series). Construction materials: Orthophthalic polyester resin, reinforced with several layers of glassfibre matting Characteristics: Self-supporting structure reinforced at the points subject to greatest static and dynamic loads. External surface protection via gel-coat resistant to UV radiation, cold and hot water, abrasion due to weathering and chemicals. Light-weight. Non-corroding

Fill pack (or heat exchange surface)
Construction materials:

  • self-extinguishing PVC


  • 20 mm wide flute (air/water channels), especially suitable for industrial applications, reduced fouling, reinforced top layer (for the PMS, PMD series)

Multi-blade axial fan (for the PMS, PMD series)
Construction materials:

  • hot-galvanized steel (electric motor support), fibreglass reinforced plastic (fan blades), stainless steel (fan screen grille)


  • high performance, low electrical power input
  • directly driven by the electric motor
  • constant safety, unaltered over time thanks to the fan grille

Dimensional elements:
A - Total height of tower
B, C - Length / Width of the cooling tower (horizontally)
D - Axis quota of inlet water pipe in tower towards the base of the tower

  1. Body
  2. Basin (optional)
  3. Fill pack (for heat exchange)
  4. Lid with axial fan
  5. Cooling water distribution system (provided with flanges)
  6. Shutters
  7. Inspection/visit window

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