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- Model SR 4567-s - Demulsifiers Used for Water in Oil Emulsions Breaking



In some industries waste water can be polluted with oil products. Oil products normally must be separated before waste water treatment. Oil products are separated using variuous equipment: oil separators/flotation equipment, three phase decanters, etc. In many cases special chemicals must be used together with this equipment. When using right product 0-5% left water can be achieved in separated oil.


Our company introduces Poliflock range products for oil separation and demulsifying:

  • Poliflock SR 4621 - demulsifier for oil in water emulsions.
  • Poliflock SR 4567-s - demulsifier for water in oil emulsions.
  • Demulsifiers are in liquid form 50-70% active material.
  • pH 5-8
  • Packed in 200kg drums or 1m3 containers.

Poliflock SR 4567-s demulsifier is used for water in oil emulsions breaking.
Many industries discharge liquid waste contaminated with hydrocarbon or oil-like pollutants. Sources of such waste include the following fields:

  • petroleum and petrochemicals refining and processing
  • oilfield produced water
  • tanker ballast water
  • tramp oils from machine tool coolants
  • utility operations, sanitary sewage, contaminated surface runoff
  • Slop oil spillages and separation processes.

Usually stable oil emulsions can contain up to 20 -60 % of water. After adding Poliflock demulsifier it is possible achieve 5 to zero % water content in oil.

Heating of oil emulsion before separation is preferred. It is especially important when oil content is high and oil emulsion has high viscosity at ambient temperatures. In many cases slop oil forms such a stable emulsions that, even after long time heating in separation towers, low or almost no separation appears.

Depending on equipment, oil content and form - different dosages are required for efficient results. Typical dosage varies 0,5-6l/m3 of water in oil emulsion.Sometimes pH correction improves results and decreases reagents consumption.

There are possible different dosage points and various ways of mixing Poliflock demulsifiers.

  • Appierance: clear colourless liquid
  • Flash point - closed cup: Not exhibited
  • Specific gravity: 1.10
  • Freezing point: -30°C
  • Boiling point/range: 188 °C
  • pH value: 7

Health and safety
Detailed information on handling and any precautions to be observed in the use of the product(s) described in this leaflet
can be found in our relevant Health and Safety information sheet.

Technical Service
Advice and assistance in the running of laboratory and plant tests to select the correct product and determine the best application is given by our technical stuff or by local representatives/resellers.

Poliflock SR 4567-s is supplied in drums, 200 kg nett, and IBC’s, 1000 kg nett.

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