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Polyethylene Tanks



The wide range of ffn'HirWH  J^.'ilMavailable covers the capacities from 50 to 1800 litres and allows to manage one ore more products at the same time. All tanks are provideed of painted metallic frames and those with a capacity of more than 750 litres are specially shaped and rounded in the front part to allow the best positioning in the front of the tractor. Standard frames have the 3-points hitch if provided and brackets to fix the pumping group.

OPTIONAL Tanks may be equipped with the following optional:
  • - centrifugal 2”charging pumpwith200 l/mincapacity, driven by an hydraulic motor;
  • -completelights kitwith 7poles connection for the front tank;
  • -mixerfor the mixing of liquid or powdery products (with 25 l/min pumps or more);
  • -ballastmade up of 25kg-elements up to a total weight of 500kg;
  • -additional agitationwith1 or 2 agitators with capacity adequate to the one of the installed pump.

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