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- Model AM - Heating Swimming Pools with Solar Energy


Installation of polypropylene for solar-powered swimming pool heating. Installing swimming pool heating equipment with Amordad Solar’s polypropylene collectors can be one of the most profitable applications of solar energy. With the installation of solar equipment, bathing season can be extended from mid-spring until well into the autumn, so you can enjoy your swimming pools during much of the year. The swimming pool’s existing water treatment pipes can be used during installation, reducing costs and labor. This way the need for a heat exchanger is eliminated, thus reducing labor even further. Heating swimming pools during much more of the year is possible with Amordad Solar’s equipment installations. With Amordad Solar you can use your pool in summer, spring, and autumn.

  • Solar collectors for heating swimming pools, with a revolutionary design.
  • Quick return of investment.
  • Season can be extended thanks to the solar collectors. Use swimming pools from spring to autumn.
  • POOL HEATING without big works, since they do not need heat exchanger.

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