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Metering pumps range AM5 Pompe Cucchi have been created to solve precisely and safely all the dosage problems that appear in various industrial sectors. Aims of our technicians while realizing the pumps: - the highest reliability; - remarkable dosage precision; - minimum maintenance. AM5 metering pumps are composed of: MOTOR/GEARBOX UNIT with an electric engine V-18 form, compliant with UNEL-MEC regulation, power 0,03 KW. The engines usually are three-phase, 4 poles 50 Hz, closed externally ventilated with IP 55 protection. However, different execution engines as far as tensions, frequency and protection and EX-d can be used. Speed reducing device type- screws without helicoidal wheel, with oil lubrication, ball bearing support, reduction suitable to obtain piston rates indicated in the selection charts and the installed engine power. Also in this case, the reducers suitable to obtain different rates from the standard ones can be used.

CAPACITY VARIATION MECHANICAL SET spring type eccentric controlled which determines piston running, while the spring under tension continues provoking the return movement of the piston or the suction phase. The capacity variation is obtained by partly reducing piston range and moving away the strip connected to the piston from the eccentric so that the eccentric cannot develop the maximum piston running. The eregulation set, contained in an aluminium body is oil lubricated. The capacity regulation is continuous from 0 to 100% and can be carried out either with the pump not running or during the running phase: - by the manual knob regulation; - by oleopneumatic servo control with regulation sygnal of 3-15 psi; - by electric servo control to 4-20 mA sygnal; - by application of a frequency inverter with the entrance sygnal of 4 ÷ 20 MA for the regulation of the engine rotation speed. Different pump bodies can be put together in order to create multiple dosage groups, each independently regulated. DOSAGE SET The pumping head is connected to the pump body through an intermediate lantern that excludes the possiblity of the pumped liquid to come to conntact with pump body and with control mechanism of the pump. ACCESSORIES Pompe Cucchi can supply the AM5 metering pumps complete with the accessories that can be useful to improve the functioning conditions of the installation. SAFETY VALVES made of steel or PVC threaded connections UNI, ANSI o DIN. PNEUMATIC ACCUMULATORS materials suitable for fluids where the constant flow is necessary and not the pulsing one. PACKAGE DOSAGE PLANTS supplied with a tank of different capacity and: - fill-in cover; - draining valve; - display level indicator; and optional: - minimum level alarm; - filters; - interception valves; - safety valves; - agitators. As far as AM5 gear metering pumps are concerned, capacity variations can be obtained even with variable speed engines, that is varying the rate of piston. This system allows to have a double regulation of both piston running and a number of piston running. It is also possible to make dosage loading applying an approximate conntact on the pump. It lets out an impulse at each piston running; the number of running, that is the volume, is pre-selected from count-impulses device, necessary to obtain the quantity of the pre-established product. When the number is reached, the pump stops and the totalizator resets automatically.

This gear metering pump construction is in compliance with the standards 2006/42/CE - ATEX  – UNI EN ISO 14847, 809 – GOST R - RTN (ROSTEKHNADZOR).

The quality system operated by Pompe Cucchi Srl is according to the ISO 9001:2008 regulation (certificate no SQU132AQ252/2).

AM5 metering pumps are applied anywhere there is need of constant and precise dosage. They usually are used in:

  • waste water treatment
  • water treatment
  • chemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • heating system supply water treatment
  • washing water treatment
  • industrial water treatment
  • cinema/photography industry
  • textile industry
  • paper industry
  • cosmetic industry
  • pastry industry
  • dairy industry.

Capacity regulation both the pump not running and functioning from 0 to 100%. The regulation mechanism of simple and precise design, assures the exact reproducibility of the diaphragm running. Capacity variation mechanism spring return type eccentric controlled determines the forward movement of the diaphragm ( pressing phase) during all its running while the spring under tension continues provoking the return of the diaphragm (suction phase). Motoreducing set with an electric engine B 14 compliant with UNEL-MEC regulation and power from 0,125 HP - 220-230 V - 50 Hz, 4 poles three-phase or 220 V 50 Hz, 4 poles monophase, 2 m auto-priming pump. Execution temperature from 0° C to 50° C. EXECUTIONS X= Head and valves in AISI 316 - Diaphragm in NBR covered by PTFE. PP= Head in polypropylene, Valves in PVC/PVDF, diaphragm in NBR covered by PTFE. ACCESSORIES AM metering pump is supplied together with the following accessories: - Injection valve; - 1.5 m. suction pipe/ 1,5 m. forcing pipe; - Filter.

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