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- Model F FT/FM Series - Self Priming Pumps



Gear pumps F - FT/FM series are selfpriming pumps suitable for pouring off and forcing liquids free from solid suspensions of low and medium viscosity up to max temperature of 200° C. Standard execution is suitable for max temperature of 90° C. Executions in cast iron, bronze, Aisi 316 are available. Max pressure of 15 bar. The pumps can be supplied with an inserted by-pass valve or, as an alternative, with a pre-heating chamber.

The construction of this series of gear pumps meets the regulations of the directive 2006/42CE and of the standards EN ISO 12100, EN 809, and has the certification GOST-R. Executions on request in accordance with Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) and to API 676 - NACE MR0175; isalso available with GOST R - RTN (Rostekhnadzor).

The management of the quality system of pumps Cucchi Srl operates in according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No.SQU132AQ252 / 4).

Main application sectors: Pouring off and forcing gas oil to liquid fuel burners with pneumatic atomization. 'Ring' pump in adduction plants of liquid fuel burners/boilers. Diathermic oil forcing/draining from boilers. Additives for concrete carrying in metering devices. Refrigerator compressors lubrication (oil+ammonia traces or freon). Large reducers lubrication. Oil circulation in dry-cleaning industrial machinery. Oil circulation in large electric transformers. Colour dosage in laboratory machinery for textile and car industry. Emulsion water carrying. Oil/gas oil forcing in tank/pump/volumetric meter/pistol system. Low viscosity liquids carrying, water, additives, solvents, etc. food industry liquids carrying.

GEAR PUMPS RANGE FG-FZ-FX These are flanged gear pumps with lantern and coupling suitable for application of standard engines B3/B14 shape size 71-80-90-100. GEAR PUMPS RANGE FTG-FMG-FMX These are flanged gear pumps directly coupled to the engine with a flange and special shaft exit. The engine shaft serving as conducting shaft of the pump. Cast iron execution provides two motorization types: one for max pressure of 5 bar (range FT), and one for max pressure of 10 bar (range FM). The engines can be supplied in explosion-proof version with Cesi certificate. Code example: 0FMG015 /NEC0B00 FM = monoblock pump flange directly coupled to the engine G = cast iron execution 015 = capacity 15 l/min at 1450 turn/min N = mechanical seal ceramics/graphite/nbr E = by-pass valve C = carbon steel gears B = a 1450 rev./minute engine

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