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Pompe Cucchi has realized this new gear pumps series obtained by dye casting in view of achieving pumps of a very high quality with a total absence of fusion defects and with perfect surface finishing not obtainable from the traditional fusion. The construction of this series is conformed with ATEX 24/9/CE - CE 89/392, 91/368, 93/44/68, 98/37 – UNI EN ISO 14847, 809 – API 676 regulations - and by request, with NACE MR 0175. The quality system of Pompe Cucchi Srl is according with ISO 9001:2000 standards (certificate no SQU132AQ252/2). MX series is used in many sectors to transfer liquids with viscosity of 1 to 100.000 Cps. In case of products with average/high viscosity, it can be used in dosage services with the use of frequency variators or engine variators, electrically servo controlled ones with 4÷20 mA signal or pneumatic ones with 3 ÷ 15 psi signal as well.

The construction of this series of gear pumps meets the regulations of the directive 2006/42CE and of the standards EN ISO 12100, EN 809, and has the certification GOST-R. Executions on request in accordance with Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) and to API 676 - NACE MR0175; isalso available with GOST R - RTN (Rostekhnadzor).

The management of the quality system of pumps Cucchi Srl operates in according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No.SQU132AQ252 / 4).

Chemical sector Transfer and dosage of liquids of every type without solid suspensions. Food sector Transfer of liquids in the first transformation processes- chocolate pumping (a series with a pre-heating chamber has been realized for this purpose, with vast surface in order to facilitate the thermal exchange between the water at 55°C and the hydraulic chamber) - fats - marmelade, etc. Agricultural sector Molasses pumping and other liquid products for animal feeding. Industrial sector Pumping of glue, resin, bases, acids, isocynate, polyol, etc.

The standard execution is in AISI 316 stainless steel with a thermal antiwear-anti-seizure treatment that makes the components of the pump become black (“black treatment”). For the food sector, by request, it is possible to use a thermal treatment that keeps natural steel colour of the the pump parts (“white treatment”). In hard and massive employment, it is possible to equip the pump with gears and/or shafts with a thermal treatment called 'HH' (High Hardness). This innovative thermal treatment sharply increases the duration of the gears and gives the treated parts better resistance to corrosion caused by chemical agents, a very low friction coeficient and extremely high resistence to the treated parts. Moreover, it allows to obtain surface hardness of 4000 Vickers. The same process is used by one of the major Formula 1 racing car teams in treatment of engine parts that are most subjected to wearing effect. Special gears made of plastic have been realized for the particular applications. These new gears, called 'KK' represent superior mechanical and chemical characteristic features if compared with the characteristics of plastic materials currently in sale. Constructions in AISI 316L, in Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, etc, can be provided by request. The seal can be realized with packings (project temperature 300°C) or single or double mechanical seals (project temperature 200°C)out of various selected materials on the basis of chemical-phisycal characteristics of the pumped liquid. The constructing standard provides for a mechanical seal made of ceramic/graphite/vyton. It is possible to install a magnetic coupling in all the pumps. Such an application is particularly suitable in case of corrosive, toxic, hazardous and polluting liquids. The magnetic coupling guarantees a total absence of wastes and solves all the pumping problems in the plants where the environmental and human safety is of the highest priority.

The main advantages of a magnetic coupling: The highest performance and minimum power absorption. No product waste in the environment. Expensive control equipment is not necessary. Reduced maintenance costs. Simple assembly with a reduced number of spare parts. Minimum pressure control. Reduced costs if compared with double mechanical seals fluxed. A polished MX70 pump with magnetic coupling. The standard execution of magnetic coupling is: internal rotor of Aisi 316 (DIN 1.4571) - steel ST37 external rotor. It is possible to provide Hastelloy (C o D)or titanium rotors by request. Temperature range from –40°C to +350°C with a torque of 2000 Nm max. Supporting bushes are provided in PTFE loaded, graphite or sintered self-lubricating materials. In all the applications including particular surface finishings request, it is possible to carry out polishing of both the pump and the inox base. The MX5 models size until MX70 size are provided with BSP connections, MX100 and MX150 are provided with solder counter-flange connections or SAE flanges. Every pump can be integrated with ANSI or DIN flange. An integrated safety valve and pre-heating chamber are available by request. This pump series can be supplied alone or with base and engine alignment-reducers-variators constructed according to CE regulation. The model code follows the criterion of other series of gear pumps of our production. E. g. 00MX150/YXBT0PF 00MX150 = AISI 316 pump, capacity 150 l/min. (1450 RPM). Y = Mechanical seal in tungsten carbide/tungsten carbide/vyton. X = Safety valve integrated in AISI 316. B = Gears and shafts in AISI 316 ”white treatment”. T = Supporting bushes in PTFE. 0 = No special performance. P = Pump with a pre-heating chamber. F = ANSI flanges.

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