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- Model WP Series - Gear Pump



Gear pump WP series has been created in order to solve transfer and dosage problems of non lubricant and low viscosity liquids.The construction of this series of gear pumps meets the regulations of the directive 2006/42CE and of the standards EN ISO 12100, EN 809, and has the certification GOST-R. Executions on request in accordance with Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) and to API 676 - NACE MR0175; isalso available with GOST R - RTN (Rostekhnadzor).The management of the quality system of pumps Cucchi Srl operates in according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No.SQU132AQ252 / 4).

Main applications are: Liquids dosage with the use of speed variators (electric and hydraulic ones). Various liquids dosage for filler machinery in chemical/cosmetic /pharmaceutical/food sectors. Water forcing in automatic drink distributors/coffe machines. Water nebulization + insecticide in fixed timer installations for cattle, pig, poultry breeding. Water nebulization + anti-mould/fungicide in fixed installations, in silos or mobile installations in agriculture sector for treatment of grain, corn, etc. Water forcing in solar panels ( this series is particularly suitable for this sector because of its high hydraulic efficiency and low electric power absorbtion). Water forcing with disinfecting liquids addittive in tubes cleaning that pipe beer into distributors in bars, restaurants, pubs, etc. Water forcing in small autoclaves. Demineralized water forcing. Water nebulization in small installations for greenhouses' irrigation. Liquid gas carrying (Freon - GPL, etc.) Water forcing + detergent liquids in industrial machinery for floor cleaning. In each application where low capacity is required (2 ÷ 16 l/min) together with average pressure of (15 bar) and high self priming characteristics. Performance data: Capacity: 2 ÷ 16 l/min.; Pressure: max. 15 bar; Temperature max water and low viscosity liquids: 40° C (150° C by request) for medium viscosity liquids; Viscosity: a standard pump from 1 to 60 cP (on request: up to 3000 cP); N.P.S.H.: 5 m.

WP pumps can be equipped with integrated safety valves (V) and can be supplied for the following executions: WPPZ - WPPX execution Bare shaft pump with motor flanged shaft with special shaft and flange exit. WPLZ - WPLX execution Bare shaft pump with key shaft exit. Bell housing and joint can be flanged to a standard motor B3/B14 shape, size 63-71-80-90.

Constructing materials Cover (1) - body (9)- flanged body (10) in brass (WPPZ - WPLZ); Supporting bush (4) in graphite; Driving shaft (3) - driven shaft (2) - gears (6) seeger (5-11) in stainless steel 1.4404 with thermic anti-wear/anti-seizure treatment; Mechanical seal (12) in ceramics/graphite/NBR or vyton (by request mechanical seals in tungsten carbide/tungsten carbide/vyton or P.T.F.E. as well); O-ring (7 - 13) in NBR or vyton or other elastomer materials; WP pump is available, by request, in WPPX - WPLX version totaly in stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316 L).

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