GREENMAX - a brand by Intco Recycling

GREENMAX - a brand by Intco Recycling

- Model C900 - Packaging Dewatering Compactor



Poseidon series is specialized in de-watering and compacting beverage bottles and packaging recycling. Poseidon de-water helps dry PP/PE film flakes after cleaning line, and helps screw out water in containers. Applicable materials include PET bottles, aluminum cans, PP/PE films, beverage cartons and yogurt cups.

Throughput: 900kg/h

Screw Reduction Ratio: 50:1

Bottle Volume Reduction: 8:1

Compressed PET Density: 900kg/m3

Total Power Consumption: 22.55kw

Compact bottles early in the process and save space and handling;

Increase density through compacting bottles rather than baling;

Bottle caps popping off during compacting increases density;

Water draining function squeezes out any liquid in the bottles to 
the water collection tray under the machine

Water collection tray is made of acid-resistant stainless steel to 
withstand the low PH in many liquids.

Remarks: We can design tailor-made GreenMaxTM compactors according to customer's special requirements FREE OF CHARGE

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