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Power Pack ECOSILENCE is a super silent high-pressure unit, specially designed for Hydrodemolition in urban environments with highly regulated noise levels. It’s not only significantly quieter and more fuel-efficient than our standard packs, the noise output is less than half compared to other power packs on the market.

Super silent, extremely effective

ECOSILENCE is designed to help contractors in several ways. First and foremost it meet increasingly stringent and imposed operational noise requirements in urban locations, such as residential and office areas. The average noise level is as low as 57,5 dB (ECOSILENCE 400). As a bonus, ECOSILENCE also offers a substantial reduction in fuel consumption.

In total control

The Power Pack ECOSILENCE system provides easy handling for your robot, accessories, tools and other necessary equipment. It also require minimum space at the construction site and are cost effective in both transport and set-up time. Basically it’s everything you’ll ever need for your Hydrodemolition contracts in one place. Silent and smart!

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