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- Model 7000 - Hydraulic Rod Pusher/Puller



The POWERAM model 7000 is designed for replacing existing utilities by pulling pipe splitting and/or pipe bursting tools through an old pipe and pulling a new pipe into the same space. The new pipe can be the same size or larger than the old pipe. The pull rods have threaded joints, and can be added and removed within the length of the machine. The Model 7000 uses the same type of jaw system as our standard machines; they open and close automatically as the machine is cycled, and they grip tighter as the resistance increases. The twin 32 inch stroke cylinders pull the 5 ft. long rods in two 'bites', and allow room to bring the splitter and the expander into the machine to finish the pull.

  • 32' wide x 25' high x 132' long.
  • Machine weight approximately 3,000 lbs.
  • 32' stroke hydraulic cylinders.
  • 16' clear space between cylinders for pulling tool.
  • Synchronized rod jaws.
  • Control valve station with pressure gauge.
  • 118,000 lbs. Pulling capacity at 3000 psi.
  • Four (4) hydraulic leveling jacks - one at each corner of the machine.

Side brace screw jacks (set of four).

The side brace screw jacks are designed to be attached at any point along the length of the machine by simply hanging them on. They are used to stabilize the machine in the trench or shoring box so that it can not swing from side to side.

Power rod wrench with rod clamp.

The power rod wrench and rod clamp speeds up the joining and removal of the pull rods and greatly reduces operator fatigue. This system is operated by hydraulic valves at the main control station.

Pipe restraint kits for 4', 6', 8', & 12' pipe

The pipe restraint kits secure the machine to the pipe that is to be replaced. They are designed to moveout of the way of the splitting or bursting tool so that even the last inch of pipe is cut as the tool is pulled into the machine.

  • Pull Rods, Hollow, 2 ¼' diameter x 5 feet long.
  • Rod Guide Kit
  • 'Ball nose' Push Head.
  • Thread Adapter Coupling.
  • Rod Storage Box (30 rod capacity).
  • 40 HP Diesel Power Unit

The 2-1/4' diameter Pull Rods are standard for the Model 7000 puller.  They have tapered threads for quick sure connections.  The 5-foot long hollow rods weigh 42 pounds each.  Smaller diameter rods can be used as long as matching jaws are also installed.

The Rod Guide Kit holds the rods in line with the jaws - and centered in the existing pipe - to reduce wear.

The Ball Nosed Push Head leads the rods through the existing pipe without hanging up.

The Thread Adaptor Coupling is required for some splitting tools.

Rod Storage Boxes protect the threads from dirt and damage and make it easy to transport the rods right to the machine for efficient operation.

The Hydraulic Power Unit has a 40 HP Yanmar Diesel engine sold and serviced by John Deere.  Engine features include tachometer, hour meter, and automatic low oil shutdown.  A variable volume pump provides maximum flow to 3,000 psi.  This unit has an extra large hydraulic oil reservoir (43 gallons), with fill screen, level and temperature gauge, magnetic suction screen, and high performance return line filter.   A hydraulic oil cooler protects against heat build-up.

  • No need to pioneer a new route
  • Pulls a new pipe while it breaks up the existing pipe
  • The new pipe can be larger than the existing pipe

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