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This actuator is an excellent choice for those with moderate pumping requirements.The Waterra PowerPack PP1 provides the mechanical actuation for pumping with inertial pumps to depths of over 60m, in a fully portable, single operator power unit. At 13 kg, the PowerPack PP1 provides outstanding pumping performance.

The PP1 is powerful enough to lift water from over 60m depth using the Standard Flow System, and is so compact that it fits onto a back-pack frame. The PowerPack PP1 incorporates clamps for Waterra High Flow and Standard tubing sizes (adaptors are available for smaller tubes).

A Honda GX-25 series, 1.0 horsepower, 4 stroke, gasoline motor powers this device, which can run for approximately 1 hour without refuelling.

PP1/BP — PowerPack PP1 including backpack and spark arrestor

The Waterra PowerPack-PP1 is a gasoline powered automatic actuator for use with the Standard Flow System, High Flow System and Low Flow Waterra Inertial Pumping systems.

The PowerPack-PP1 is fully adjustable and will adapt to almost any size casing or protective well casing and can also be used with flush grade well completions. The PowerPack-PP1 supports the inertial pump tubing and also anchors the discharge end of the tubing facilitating sample collection.

The Waterra PowerPack-PP1 is powered by the Honda GX25 a 25cc Mini 4-Stroke OHC gasoline engine. This lightweight motor is EPA/CARB compliant, runs on regular gas and has a quiet - pleasing 'low' tone. The PowerPack PP1 includes a backpack frame making it completely portable. Using the PowerPack-PP1 will result in a big boost to your field sampling program.

This actuator is perfect for purging and sampling 2” diameter monitoring wells up to 150-200 feet deep. This actuator is also great for use when developing monitoring wells.

The use of an automated Waterra actuator will eliminate the fatigue that can be experienced on large monitoring programs.

  • fully adjustable
  • powered by Honda GX25 a 25cc Mini 4-Stroke OHC gasoline engine
  • includes backpack frame for complete portability
  • suitable for use with Standard Flow, High Flow & Low Flow Inertial Pumps
  • adapts to almost any size casing or protective well casing
  • anchored discharge end of tubing facilitates sample collection
  • reduces fatigue when purging large volumes from wells

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