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Voltage stabilisation or dynamic voltage optimisation is helpful to sites with critical equipment or those with high volatility in the electrical supply. powerPerfector’s award-winning Voltage Power Optimisation can be integrated in to the energy efficiency plans of organisations ranging from SMEs to the largest government departments. The standard unit alters the incoming supply voltage at a fixed ratio, and is suitable for most buildings. Optimisation settings are fine-tuned to your building’s supply and can be altered should your load change over time, so you always make the maximum savings.

The powerPerfector Plus features dynamic Voltage Power Optimisation, in addition to the power quality improvements afforded by the standard unit. Suitable for electrical supplies with high volatility, the powerPerfector Plus will adapt automatically to changing voltage conditions to give an optimised output in a fixed band.

Output voltage can also be manually adjusted online or through the unit’s user interface. This makes the powerPerfector Plus ideal for sites with critical equipment, or those which suffer from an unstable supply.

In one stroke Voltage Power Optimisation can cut energy consumption, reduce your costs and emissions, and protect your equipment – going green has never been more profitable.

Can powerPerfector help you? The short answer is yes, very probably.

90% of UK buildings use more electricity than they actually need - simply because their power is not optimised. The average saving on a powerPerfected building is 11 per cent but it can be as high as 20 per cent.

By choosing powerPerfector, you are aligning yourself with a best practice energy saving technology. That’s why companies like Tesco, the Environment Agency and Defra have rolled out across their estates.

Return on Investment (ROI) is typically above 25% and often significantly higher. With these levels of return, fast payback and financing options everyone can afford to install the technology.

It’s why many of the world's largest businesses, councils, government departments and higher education establishments are amongst our clients. These are very demanding people who tend to act with considerable foresight. But for the most persuasive arguments, don’t just take our word for it - see what they all say in their approved testimonials.

Power Conditioning

Reduced maintenance, longer life
All electrical equipment has an optimum voltage at which it works best. A powerPerfected supply delivers that optimum and reduces the strain on your electrical equipment, leaving it to work more reliably and for longer.

It is difficult to quantify what the value of power conditioning benefits are to your business, but our clients tell us that maintenance costs are reduced by as much as 10 per cent.

How VPO can benefit your site?

Saves electrical energy
Thousands of sites in the UK have installed VPO. Average savings in typical building are 11 per cent of your electricity spend.

Improves power factor
Improvements in power factor of between three and ten per cent are immediately identifiable due to the ability of VPO to reduce reactive power.

Reduces harmonics
The powerPerfector is able to deliver significant reductions to the 3rd, 5th and 7th order harmonics. It reduces currents flowing on the neutral by attentuating triple-n harmonics and helps to balance the three phases supplied to your site.

Transient protection
powerPerfector will protect a site from all common transient events. These voltage spikes can have a devastating effect on sensitive electronic equipment. Transients are becoming more common as we move towards a more sustainable dictribution network and multiple different supplies.

The powerPerfector has been designed with no moving parts or electronics: voltage optimisation and power quality improvement is achieved through the interaction of magnetic fields only, and the unit is as reliable as the incoming power supply itself.

Since 1993, over 180,000 VPO units have been installed worldwide, without a single failure. The unit requires little or no maintenance and the anticipated life-time expectancy is 50 years.

The powerPerfector unit has been engineered to exacting Japanese standards. The insulation used is class H and if over current protective devices fail to operate, the powerPerfector technology can withstand a 50% overload for one hour or 10% for up to 3 hours. Both points further demonstrate the resilience of the technology.

The high efficiency of the design means there is negligible heat loss with no requirement for temperature sensing or forced cooling. As a result the unit sustains very little degradation over the lifetime and performance is not affected.

The efficiency of the powerPerfector is supported through the purity and processing of the copper windings. The primary winding is constructed from wide, cold rolled copper sheet rather than wire and the space around the coils is reduced as far as possible to minimise wasteful induced currents. Also essential to efficiency is the response of the core to an alternating magnetic field - the powerPerfector core is constructed from low inertia flaked silicon steel with a hysteresis loop close to 90°.

These factors ensure that the powerPerfector unit achieves efficiency of 99.9+%, from 15% to full loading.

Innovations in the design and manufacturing processes have allowed the powerPerfector unit to achieve these very high levels of efficiency and performance.

Cast Resin Insulation (Class H)
powerPerfector units use Insulation Class H (180 °C), which is above the UK standard class F (155 °C) for cast resin devices. This is in recognition of the critical point in the circuit that powerPerfector technology sits. A breakdown of the insulation on a device would lead to short circuits, which would mean operational failure and the possibility of a fire, and hence the quality of the materials and manufacturing are key.

Flaked Silicon Steel
The use of flaked silicon steel allows the magnetic core to have low inertia which is crucial to the efficient operation of the device, and ensures that the powerPerfector unit achieves an efficiency of 99.9%

High Conductivity Copper Sheet
A major innovation in the fabrication of powerPerfector units is the use of high purity cold-rolled copper sheet, rather than lower grade copper wire or strips used in normal transformers. This significantly reduces wasteful induced currents, improving efficiency.

In the manufacture of dry type inductive devices, efficiency comes from having a very ‘tight’ construction. Any gaps between windings, or between windings and core, can cause a build-up of heat in ‘hot spots’ that can become dangerous. As the powerPerfector is designed for maximum efficiency and total reliability, minimisation of gaps is central to its design and manufacture throughout. Innovative winding techniques and unique cold-rolled copper sheeting are used in the manufacturing process, with each unit being hand-wound by a specialist winding engineer. Quality control is subject to exacting Japanese standards.

The low number of turns required in the design of the powerPerfector primary winding ensures that the amount of copper presented to the circuit is minimal, keeping the efficiency high and the impedance negligibly low.

Primary Winding
This winding is in series with the site’s power supply and carries the load current on each phase. It is constructed from heavy-gauge copper sheets, with very few turns, meaning that the unit has very low impedance and very low losses. This winding acts to filter harmonics and protects the site from common transient events.

Secondary Winding
The interaction between the primary and secondary winding on each phase acts to reduce the voltage by a fixed percentage. For example, if V in is around 240V, V out will be 220.8V, assuming an 8% optimisation setting. Each powerPerfector unit has four optimisation settings and a 0% setting.

An example of a typical optimisation setting range is -5%, -6%, -7%, -8% and a 0%.

The connection between each phase has a current flowing that is in direct proportion to the difference between the three phase voltages. This connection forms an unreferenced star point on the secondary side. In this way, the powerPerfector is able to compensate for imbalanced phase voltages without recourse to active (electronic or mechanical) components.

Tertiary Winding
These are connected as a closed ‘delta’ configuration. The purpose of the closed loop is to provide a path to circulate and dissipate harmonic currents present on the incoming supply, thus attenuating and preventing them from circulating into the downstream load. This winding has the same effect on harmonic currents that are generated downstream of the powerPerfector unit, preventing harmonic currents that are generated on site from circulating into the upstream load.

  • Construction: High purity cold-wound copper sheeting, low-inertia flaked silicon-steel core. Dry type.
  • Phases: Three phase (3 & 3 wire type); no neutral connection required.
  • Input Voltage: 400V +/- 10% (UK statutory voltage range BS EN 50160:2007).
  • Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
  • Output Voltage: powerPerfector Standard - Bespoke optimisation settings for each unit to reach site’s optimal voltage of 220V single phase at the far point. Each unit has four optimisation settings as well as 0%.
  • Output Frequency: As input.
  • Efficiency: 99.9% maintained across typical load range (15% loading to full loading).
  • Insulation Resistance: IEC 726 Class H (180°C).
  • Display: powerPerfector Standard - LCD display; (L-L) input / output voltage.
  • Typical energy savings: 6 20%.
  • Typical reduction in reactive power: ~30%.
  • Voltage Transient Protection: Protection against most common transients.
  • Phase voltage balancing: Through differential compound interaction.
  • Harmonic mitigation: Passive low filtration from primary winding, plus tertiary delta winding to mitigate 3rd, 5th and 7th harmonics (No tuned circuits, active or electronic components, so no point of failure). Triple-n harmonic reduction through phase balancing.
  • Cooling: No requirement.
  • Size: Bespoke and site specific.
  • Failure rate: ZERO.
  • Maintenance requirement: External cleaning of the unit and 5 yearly routine wiring checks. No other maintenance is necessary.
  • Average energy saving: 11% average savings from post installation analysis reports.
  • Testing and verification (Certificates and results can be provided on request):
    • CE marked
    • Complies with BS EN 60076-11:2004
    • Power quality and electrical type testing (NaREC (UK)
    • Japanese (CB) accreditation
    • NATA (Australian and S.E. Asian) accreditation
    • ASTA tested by a UKAS laboratory
  • Recyclability: ~98% of the volume of the materials can be recycled.
  • Warranty: Standard powerPerfector
    • 15 Years
  • powerPerfector Plus
    • Voltage Power Optimiser: 15 Years
    • AVC control unit: 3 Years
  • Expected Lifecycle: ~50 years.


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