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The PowerVac is the most powerful and state of the art vacuum unit of its kind. It is capable of handling all your local and industrial suction jobs like catch basin draining, debris removal, tank emptying, etc. The PowerVac can be used in the chemical and petro-chemical industries for a variety of dangerous products, as well as in all other industrial sectors. It is build on a 3-axle rigid chassis and is equipped with a barrel in stainless steel 316L. To ensure the maximum reliability of the PowerVac, both the cooling and jetting water tank, as well as the entire ductwork, are made of stainless steel. The core of the PowerVac is our powerful liquid ring pump, the PV3000, with a flow of 3.000m³/h. The chimney outlet allows you to discharge the gasses at a safe height of 6m. For the discharge of liquids, a small but adequate compressor is installed, with a discharge pressure of 2.5 bar.

  • Maximum product intake is achieved by the 6” loading valve at the rear, and discharge by the 6” outlet valve.
  • The unit is completed with a wash-down jetting pump for cleaning the work spot, as well as the unit itself.
  • The PowerVac is built according to the latest ADR regulations and is, for extra safety, equipped with a continuous grounding checking device.

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