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- Portable IQ Ammonium System



PPM has engineered a portable IQ Sensor Net system complete with the Ammolytplus sensor for the direct measurement of ammonium where mains power is not available. The system is housed within a robust, waterproof and lockable case that is easily transported using the extendable handle and integral wheels. Space is provided for a separate and removable case containing rechargeable batteries that provide power supply. A spare battery pack allows for simple on site exchange and uninterrupted field use.

The monitoring system comprises a 2020XT terminal for local display and interfacing between the components. The 2020XT is removable so battery life can be conserved. The MIQ/MC processor drives the system and the incoming power is regulated by a 24VDC power supply input module. The IF232 module enables communications of stored data to a laptop in a format suitable for excel reporting.

The Ammolytplus ammonium sensor technology can be simply connected to a waterproof plug terminated with a 7.0m cable; other cables lengths are also available.

The Ammolytplus uses ion selective measurement to directly report ammoniacal-nitrogen without the use of reagents. The Varion sensors are calibration-free and are extremely stable during their extended working life.

A wide range of sensors are also available for direct measurement of the most important waste- water parameters including dissolved oxygen, nitrate, pH, turbidity and MLSS.

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