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Model PR Series - Piopure Breathing Air System



In addition to removing moisture, oil, hydrocarbons, dirt and scale, the Piopure breathing air system converts toxic CO to CO2. Piopure is designed to meet OSHA Standards with CO intake of 400 PPM (by volume) or less. Piopure is designed to meet CSA Standards with CO intake of 100 PPM (by volume) or less.

  • Pionox carbon monoxide (CO) monitor.
  • Pre-filter – removes dirt, oil aerosols and moisture.
  • Automatic drain – discharges condensates periodically from the pre-filter.
  • Oil-Alert filter – removes oil aerosols from the air. Color change feature indicates when the filter element needs replacement.
  • Final filter with activated carbon adsorber: removes odors and other organic compounds, while preventing particle carryover
  • Pressure regulator – to adjust pressure.
  • Pressure gauge – to read pressure.
  • Adjustable safety relief valve – to set maximum pressure at a safe limit.
  • Air respirator manifold.
  • NEMA 12 electrical.
  • 115v AC or 12v DC.
  • Portable or wall mount.
  • Activated alumina adsorber – removes moisture vapor, thus extending the life of the catalyst converter.
  • Visual moisture indicator – the blue moisture indicator changes color when the humidity is 2% or more. It monitors the effectiveness of the activated alumina adsorber.
  • Catalyst converter – converts carbon monoxide (CO) into carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • NEMA 4
  • Remote digital readout and alarm
  • Highly visible strobe warning light
  • 3.6 CUFT calibration kit
  • 3.6 CUFT calibration gas
  • Auto-Cal CO monitor
  • 115 V.A.C./12 V.D.C. dual voltage
  • NiCad battery with charger
  • Both the Piopack and Piopure multi-stage filtration systems provide grade 'D' breathing quality air, and both include the Pionox CO monitor to insure the quality of air and the safety of workers.

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