Prairie Pride Ltd.

- Poly Feed Bin



Prairie Pride by PWAire has developed the Futures Bin today in our POLYBINs. Our POLYBIN has features that can never be matched
by steel bins. Check the list of features below and you will agree that POLYBIN is the bin for your needs.

  • Visible Feed Level
  • Corrosion Resistant For Long Life
  • Large Poly Bins have  60 Degree Cone & Ultra Smooth interior finish for easy , even feed flow.
  • Large Poly Bins have 35 Degree Roof for maximizing fill height
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Strong Eough To Handle Concentrate Material
  • Heavy duty steel ring and support stand
  • Large 22' fill opening
  • Ideal strength and flow characteristics for high moisture feeds, corn,
  • soybean and concentrates (premix)

  • Remote lid opener with double spring hold down.
  • Poly auger boot for multiple size straight augers 2'-6'.
  • Roller slide gate constructed in heavy gauge steel, auger boots will fit under gate.
  • Cyclone for proper receiving of pneumatically delivered feed.
  • Pneumatic fill pipe to attach to the Cyclone and bin stand.
  • Sturdy steel ladders for all bin sizes

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