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Grind and homogenize a wide range of biological samples with the Precellys 24! The Precellys 24 is an efficient, robust and high throughput homogenizer, capable of simultaneously handling up to 24 samples.

Typical homogenization time is 30 seconds for a large majority of samples. Nucleic acid or proteins are separated from the tissue matrix, and pipetted after a short centrifugation step to pellet the debris.

Bertin Instruments developed adapted protocols and consumables from soft to hard tissues (micro-organisms, animal or vegetal tissues). Highest speed motion of the market, the Precellys 24 allows the grinding of challenging tissues like bones, hair, cartilague, skin etc.

It provides adjusted speed and beads for:

  • Dry grinding
  • Micronisation
  • Homogenization from fresh or snap-frozen tissues
  • Lysis of micro-orgnaisms
  • Dissociation of living bacteria

The Precellys 24-Dual has been designed for biological sample preparation. Biological space is entirely separated from the mechanical parts preventing any inside contamination. Individual sealed tubes also prevent cross contamination between sample preparations.

When the protocol is set up and validated, the sample preparation process remains the same with no bias in analysis, on a time basis, or between operators. it was specifically developed and designed to be used in L3 laboratory under high throughput conditions, 50 to 100 runs per day. The system enables the preparation of up to 26 biological samples from soft to hard tissue (animal & human tissue, plant tissue, microorganisms...) and has been validated on more than 1000 different samples: from brain, muscle and heart samples to very hard matter such as bones, hair and rice...

A figure-of-8 multi-directional motion gives a high energy level to the beads that grind up to 26 samples together in just a few seconds, at speeds ranging from 4000 rpm to 6800 rpm. Typical homogenization time lasts around 30 seconds. Samples are then ready for analysis using DNA, RNA analysis, PCR, Electrophoresis, Liquid Chromatography, Western Blot...

During motion, mechanical impacts between beads and sample can generate heat. The homogenization process is often so rapid that the temperature does not reach denaturation levels. Nevertheless, for sensitive molecules, it is important to master this generation of heat.

The Cryolys is a cooling option for the Precellys 24-Dual. Cold air (-50°C) is sprayed beside the tubes so that temperature during homogenization remains at approximately 4°C.

The Precellys mechanical parts have been designed for high-throughput sample preparation. It is 4500 runs MTBF. Its speed sensor, continuously checking speed, guarantees a standard homogenization.

Bertin Technologies recommends to change the following spare parts which can be done by a lab technician.

  • Inludes white 2 blocking plates (7mL or 2mL), 2 vacuum joints, 1 containment seal, 1 antirotation tubing kit and 1 fuse: SP03119.810.NC011.0
  • Vacuum joint: SP03119.810.NC003.0
  • Containment seal: SP03119.810.NC004.0
  • Fuse: SP03119.810.NC005.0
  • Anti-rotation tubing kit: SP03119.810.NC006.0
  • Precellys Lid without handle: SP03119.860.NC009.0
  • Handle: SP03119.860.NC002.0
  • Precellys Lid with handle: SP03119.860.NC010.0

  • Applications : tissue from 1mg to 500mg – Cell culture from 10µL to 1500µL
  • Capacity : Up to 24x2mL
  • Run time : 5 - 90 s by 5 s increments
  • 3D motion speed : 5000 - 6800 rpm by 100 rpm increments
  • Number of cycles : 1 – 3
  • 5 user programs
  • LCD with back light up to 2 lines - four button keyboard
  • Dimensions : 290 (L) x 375 (W) x 370 (H) mm 600 mm (H open cover)
  • Weight : 30 kg / 65lb
  • Operating temperature : 4°C to 30°C
  • Universal Power : 100 - 230 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz

Patented Automated System for blocking tubes and motion.

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