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Model Precision 0-Rings - Sealing Element


The O-ring is an efficient, cost-effective sealing element for a great diversity of applications.lt is extensively used virtually in all branches of industry. Elastomer materials in different formulations ensure that almost any media can be reliably sealed off. The O-ring is an endless round sealing with a circular cross section.

Definition of O-ring dimensions and ordered sizes

Inside diameter d 1
From approx. 0.74 mm to 5000 mm

Cross section d2
From approx. 0.35 mm to 12 mm (>12 mm as a special version)

Sealing effect
The sealing effect of the O-ring is the result of the axial or radial compression of the ring's cross section when it is installed. The O-ring is considered to be an active sealing element due to the almost incompressible behavior of the elastomer materials so that the pressure on the sealing surfaces as a result of the system pressure is even increased.

Fields of application
O-rings are used in widely differing technical areas, for instance as individual sealing elements in pneumatics and hydraulics, and as tensioning elements for sealing sets and scrapers.

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